‘A female comedian at the Edinburgh Festival must be resilient. Or stupid’

‘I’ve had bad gigs, awful things written about me. I’ve been bullied, taunted, and told I’m not funny.’ Shazia Mirza and others tell us their stories of surviving the Fringe

‘The company that plays together, stays together: why a bit of playtime works’

As the business world becomes increasingly automated, Lynne Parker explains the benefits of workplace “playtime”. And no, it won’t end in a sexual harassment complaint

Has the alpha female grown a heart? I hope so

From shoulder pads and aggression to cardigans and baring their soul, why are the original alpha females suddenly opening up?

Seven top tips for mastering the art of public speaking

If you’ve been watching the public debates and wondering why some politicians are such natural public speakers (and why some others aren’t), then let us enlighten you. First up, perfect the art of the soundbite

Businesses are missing a trick by writing off older women

Ageism in the workplace is a common issue, but no one has the right to make assumptions about our abilities based purely on age, argues Lynne Parker

When women dominate the room why do we thank men for letting us be there?

I know from my standup experience that women communicate differently to men in many situations. Until we stop thanking men for letting us have our voice, we won’t be heard.

Can You Joke About Rape?

After 10 years of working almost exclusively with female comics, I’ve heard jokes about most taboo topics including, you may be surprised to hear, rape.

Women Making a Stand for Equal Political Power

I would pitch the wit and chutzpah of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon against any of her opposition, male or female, having seen her performance in the leadership debates running up to next week’s General Election.

What TED Taught Me About Myself

Despite the fact that I work in comedy and have a previously illustrious career in marketing and public relations I am, like a lot of people, desperately insecure about speaking in public.

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The Morality of Comedy

I recently appeared on BBC Radio 4’s flagship programme, The Moral Maze with presenter Michael Buerk discussing the Morality of Comedy.  This was a very challenging exercise as it’s been a long time since I took part in the school debating society!

First Dates Doesn’t Quite Fit the Bill

Whilst I fully applaud the efforts of our national broadcasters to improve diversity and represent people of all ages, ethnicity, sexuality and ability there are occasions when this can so easily backfire, and risk the reputation of the ‘real people’ who are essential to today’s diet of reality television.

No Parachute

Over the last few years I have seen two dear friends lose both of their parents. In one case, my friend also lost her husband. I have lost my father and both of my in-laws and, with the passing of that generation, comes a huge sense of your own mortality and the prospect of being next.

Stranded on an Island with Caitlin Moran

I have today, against my better judgement, listened to the Friday morning repeat of Caitlin Moran on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.  Apologies to her masses of fans but I have always been rather dismissive and thought that she didn’t speak for my particular generation.

Female comedians and poor mental health: Lynne Parker is studying the link

Comic talent is often coupled with the crippling effects of self-doubt and poor mental health, says Lynne Parker, herself a sufferer, who has helped to set up a female-led study into the problem.



Celebrating female creators, coders, innovators and technicians

Technology, similar to comedy, has always been a very male domain. It’s a masculine, alpha pursuit both in respect of employment and even leisure activity. Girls are not meant to be leaders in anything that requires the beady eye of a man…



By the end of 2016 the balance of global power could be very much tipping towards women. The UK’s new prime minister, Theresa May, is keeping her cool in the midst of political mayhem and Hillary Clinton has her sights set on the US presidency.